A place of kinship and thoughtful, ingredient-driven cuisine.

Le Violon is a neighbourhood restaurant tucked away in Montreal's Le Plateau. With a focus on seafood-forward dishes and seasonal Quebec produce, our menu highlights the integrity of ingredients and the farmsteads, coastal fisheries, and friends who tend to them.

Photo by Jeremy Dionne. From left to right: Kyra Lajeunesse, Mitch Laughren, Andrew Park, Sara Raspa, Danny Smiles & Dan Climan

Meet the team

Danny Smiles | Partner & Co-Executive Chef

Chef Danny Smiles is a celebrated Montreal chef known for his innovative cuisine, which is significantly influenced by his Italian and Egyptian heritage. His rise to fame began as a finalist on "Top Chef Canada," which led to his role as executive chef at Le Bremner and later at the Willow Inn, where he became known for his dedication to quality, creativity, and the use of locally sourced ingredients. Danny now captivates the late-night scene at Double's Late Night, a hotspot known for its vibrant atmosphere and inventive bites. With a career marked by national acclaim and high-profile catering including Nick Cave, Radiohead & more, Danny continues to be a formidable force in the culinary world.

Mitch Laughren | Partner & Co-Executive Chef

Chef Mitch Laughren began his culinary career at Bymark, a renowned Toronto restaurant owned by his uncle, Chef Mark McEwan. Under the guidance of Chef Brooke McDougall, Mitch refined his skills before moving to Montreal in 2013. On the advice of his uncle, Mitch reached out to Chef Danny Smiles to work with him at Le Bremner. Mitch has collaborated with Danny extensively ever since, including as executive chef at the Willow Inn and on private catering for various music and fashion events. Mitch’s culinary philosophy is rooted in cooking with great ingredients, made by great people who take pride in their work, and he aims to honour them through his cuisine.

Andrew Park | Partner & General Manager

Andrew Park started working in Montreal’s restaurant industry at the age of 17. His long-lived career has included management positions at Le Bremner, Willow Inn, and Liverpool House, and he is also part owner of Double’s Late Night. From the style of service he instills in his teams to the wine and cocktail lists he curates, Andrew approaches his work with fine attention to quality and a refreshing sense of unpretentiousness.

Dan Climan | Partner & Creative Director

Dan is a painter and longtime creative collaborator within Montreal’s culinary scene. The restaurant’s interiors, which he co-designed in partnership with Atelier Zébulon Perron, are informed by his signature nostalgic aesthetic. Two of Dan’s paintings titled "Look for a miracle" and "Earthquake", depicting Evel Knievel and a Dalmatian respectively, adorn the walls of the space.

Sara Raspa | Chef de Cuisine

Since she first started cooking at Le Bremner in 2014, Sara Raspa has never looked back, eventually working her way up to sous-chef, before honing her skills in Rome at Santopalato, and returning home to become the Willow Inn’s events chef in 2021. Sara values hard work and camaraderie in equal measure and instills a sense of family in every kitchen she enters.

Kyra Lajeunesse | Assistant General Manager

Kyra Lajeunesse has been working in the restaurant industry for over 15 years. Her journey with the Le Violon team began at the Willow Inn, where she was floor manager and also curated the wine list. Kyra plays a pivotal role in shaping the signature dining experience at Le Violon, with a simple yet profound approach to hospitality: Treat every guest as if they were family.